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Journalist Helly Ifeagwu in conversation with Nuria Molins @helly089 @nuriimolins


If there’s one person that knows the secret superpower of overcoming anxiety and channeling your mental strength into creativity, it’s Nuria Molins.


Nuria joins the cohort of social media-savvy fashion entrepreneurs that are shaping a new world to their liking. Balancing her roles as a healthy lifestyle blogger, dancer, student and social media professional, the zealous brunette is a multi-hyphenate in the art of creation. Making her mark in the digital sphere, Molins founded Peaches Magazine in 2017, born out of her love for fashion, fitness and health. Describing it as an “aesthetic, lifestyle community”, Peaches is poised to encapsulate the beauty of lifestyle magazine imagery, geared towards discussions of health and wellness on an interactive online platform for young women.


In a crusade against fast fashion, Molins founded an online vintage boutique, Mediterranea. Spending days scouring the rails at vintage shops in London and her Spanish hometown of Tenerife, Molins curated a one-of-a-kind lineup of retro pieces for her boutique. Mirroring her romantic and often nostalgic view of clothing, Mediterranea captures her effortless sartorial taste, environmental values and desire to be force of positive change in the fashion industry.


Her Instagram is an eclectic mix of posts showcasing the pleasures of living in the moment. Nuria freely details lifestyle tips, well-timed mantras of the moment and ample peeks inside her colourful world. She shares everything from her thoughts to the latest cake recipe or soothing herbal tea she’s tried. And Nuria isn’t one to follow the crowd — instead, she attracts her own with her infectious enthusiasm.


While some say the Coronavirus may bring an era of fresh uncertainties, Nuria isn’t slowing up. As the line between workdays and weekends blurs, Nuria has doubled down on her re-energising self-care routine. Staying cozy at home, she’s finding solace in baking, working out and adapting her creative process, while working on upcoming projects. Warm, candid and impossibly stylish, Nuria continues to advocate for self-love and isn’t shy to share how mental health struggles have tested her limits. Living through nerve-wracking times may just be an invitation to go inward, slow down and cater to our pent-up desires. 

Words by Helly Ifeagwu

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